Widow Sues Local Gretna Hospital in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Widow of Jack D. Hines III, Mary F. Hines has filed a lawsuit against local Gretna hospital Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans Louisiana, on the behalf of her deceased husband. In her lawsuit, she claims that the local hospital was responsible for leaving behind a sponge inside her husband’s body which led to a…

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NFL Players Arrested for DUI More Often Than Any Other Crime

Phoenix, Ariz. — NFL players have been arrested for DUI more often than any other crime. A recent study that covers the period from 2000 to the present discovered that more than one-third of NFL players who were arrested were found guilty of DUI. According to the data, 202 out of the 713 arrests in…

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Gold and Silver Bullion Coins


Investing in bullion coins is becoming increasingly popular to people all over the world due to it’s proven stability in the market and its steady rise in value. Understanding the basics about bullion coins will help you become a better investor. A bullion coin is a coin that is struck from a precious metal. They…

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Phoenix, Ariz. –The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has funded the “No Refusal” Initiative with a grant, and it is now in place in nine states. Aside from Arizona, law enforcement agencies in Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Utah and Texas rely on the No Refusal initiative to conduct blood testing. It appears that…

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Lake Management & Lake Fountains In Dallas, Texas


A good lake management company can make a huge impact on the health, look, lifespan and enjoyment you can get from your pond, lake and wetlands. Ponds just like lawns need constant care and attention if they are to be healthy and suitable for fishing and boating. Many ponds and lakes suffer from lack of…

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