Alex Reichert- Criminal Law, Grand Forks, ND


What many people do not realize about the criminal justice system is that it can be a very intimidating place for criminal defendants.  While much is made of the presumption of innocence, the reality is that once a defendant is accused of a crime, the criminal justice system focuses on getting a defendant convicted, and…

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DriveCam The Subject Of Debate In Rockford Fatal Truck Accident

Nikki Kaderly’s mother, Jenny Pivot, was killed in a tragic truck accident on US 20 in Rockford in March of 2013. She wasn’t witness to the gruesome accident will now relive some of those moments courtesy a dash-cam video. The DriveCam video is now the focus of the criminal and civil lawsuits as truck accident attorneys continue…

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Patent Lawsuits on the Decline after Supreme Court Decision


Ft. Lauderdale, FL- A June U.S. Supreme Court decision is already having an impact in the world of patents. Since the SCOTUS decision was handed down, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued fewer business model patents and have seen a reduction in the patent lawsuits. Business method patents typically fall under the category…

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Utah Police Ratchets Up DUI Enforcement

Salt Lake City, UT- With Halloween just around the corner and football season underway, some Utah drivers are going to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. DUI arrests may be down in the state, but police are doing their best to keep drunken drivers off the road. The Utah Highway Patrol told…

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Cement Truck Strikes and Kills Pedestrian In New York

Astoria, NY- Being a pedestrian in any large city can be very hazardous and leads to thousands of accidental injuries and deaths each. Pedestrians are no match for a vehicle, especially if that vehicle is a large commercial truck. An accident occurring in Astoria on Wednesday shows just how deadly these accidents can be. Police…

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